Every jewellery object that we create owns a secret locked inside traditional craftsmanship and timeless design. We understand jewellery as something unique and personal, something that should arouse emotions and associate with its owner for many years. It is a value that we are striving to give with the hope that it will be worn for years or generations to come.



TYLA LATO is a family business run by Małgosia Kalińska and her daughter Anastazja Hüer. Małgosia is an award winning, contemporary jewellery designer and multidisciplinary artist. With almost 30 years of experience in silver and goldsmithing, she brings expertise and know-how from design process to production. Anastazja is the founder and CEO of TYLA LATO, besides creating the visual world of TYLA LATO she keeps her ears down to earth to translate wishes of the market into production.

 Our workshop is located on a countryside surrounded by wavy fields, forests and lakes of the Pomeranian landscape. Being close to nature allows us to incorporate it into our designs. The headquarter of TYLA LATO is based in Hamburg, in the heart of buzzing Sternschanze. Having an open and community-based lifestyle at our doorstep is our privilege and responsibility to run an honest and sustainable business.



TYLA LATO'S design is meant to be kept close to your body. Organic shapes that are comfortable to wear, yet elegant and individual. We believe that the language of simplicity is universal and a classy understatement of minimalism tells more than a thousand words of praise. Our jewellery is designed to shine through it’s owner for everyday use as well as special occasions.



In opposition to the fast-paced globalisation that pollutes and shortens the lifespan of every product, we design, produce and sell locally. To ensure the highest quality of our Jewellery we collaborate only with certified suppliers. Our policy is to operate with a minimal carbon-footprint therefore we do not outsource our work and all the raw materials come from trusted factories, based in Europe.



video: Wiktor Filip Gacparski